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Dreadnought: Great War at Sea is a game of naval combat, set during World War I (1914-1918). After the launch of HMS Dreadnought in 1904, naval combat changed forever as large gun, heavily armored battleships ruled the waves. 

The fleets of the world were active throughout the war, from the frigid Baltic Sea to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. German and British fleets vied for dominance of the North Sea, culminating in the greatest battleship engagement in history at Jutland in 1916. 

Meanwhile, German cruisers, such as the storied SMS Emden and SMS Karlsruhe, raided British commerce on the far side of the world, causing havoc on the trade routes. Maximilian von Spee’s East Asian Squadron decimated British cruisers at the Battle of Coronel, before itself being destroyed at the Battle of the Falklands in late 1914. 

Dreadnought puts you in command of one of these squadrons. You have available all of the ships that fought in the Great War, so assemble your fleet and sortie out to engage the enemy and send theirs to the bottom!



Dreadnought: Great War at Sea is a naval combat game I've been developing. Come have a look at the rules and participate in our open playtesting...



Articles and tutorials about scratch-building and modelling ships, terrain, and more...



Learn more about the historical battles, ships, tactics, and commanders of the Great War at sea here... 

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