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Terra Incognita Games

"...Because it is there." - George Mallory, 1924

Terra Incognita is a series of games about adventure, exploration, and human achievement. I absolutely love stories about exploration, about trekking out into the unknown and discovering new things, people, and stories. I've been wanting to do this series for over a decade, to give people the chance to follow in the footsteps of great explorers and adventurers and to create stories of their own. Indeed to be a little bit of a historical tourist for a short time. 

As the world faced pandemic lockdowns in early 2020, I decided to kick into action on this project. Due to these new realities, I noticed a convergence between the rise of solitaire games and the accessibility of print-and-play packs. This proved to be the spark I needed to work on my first game, Lonely Cairn, which follows in the doomed footsteps of Sir John Franklin's Arctic expedition to seek the fabled Northwest Passage. Since completing this pilot, I've teamed up with my 9 year old, Theo to bring you the Highest Adventure, where you can try your mettle on the world's tallest peak. 

I've included a FREE print-and-play version of both games for you to download and enjoy. All I ask in return is that if the mood strikes you, please leave me some feedback so that I can improve the games for everyone else! Many thanks and I hope you enjoy your adventures!


Brave the Arctic Circle and it's perilous passages and be the first to discover the Northwest Passage...


Find a sure foothold and push off to scale the summit and catch a glimpse from the roof of the world...

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