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On to Richmond!

Today, 160 years ago, the CSS Virginia and USS Monitor clashed in the first battle between ironclads. The amazing people at Little Wars TV pulled together a great video to mark the occasion, even going so far to play wargames...on the replica deck of the USS Monitor at the Mariner's Museum, in Newport News, Virginia. So cool! I feel really honored to have played a small supporting role. A special shout out to Patrick Woodard (3D sculptor extraordinaire from East Coast Ironclads) for commanding the Virginia in great style and form!

Check out the video here for some ironclad-on-ironclad-on-(replica)ironclad action:

Make sure that you stay tuned as the LWTV team walks us through the 1862 Peninsula Campaign in real time with these terrific videos that expertly blend history and gaming together. Many thanks to the LWTV guys for including Dawn of Iron in their journey to Richmond. Tickled me pink to see the game played out on the deck of the Monitor replica!

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