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Project: Coronel & Falklands 1914

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I got a little distracted during my scratch-built Jutland project with the significantly more achievable build project based on the battles of the south Atlantic and Pacific in 1914. While Jutland had over 200 ships involved, the Battle of Coronel had 9 ships, and the Falklands had 13, six of which were also present at Coronel. So in total the goal to complete this project is 16 ships (not including a couple of auxiliaries that I might build later).

British ships at Coronel included, HMS Good Hope, Monmouth Glasgow, and Ortanto. German ships were the SMS Scharnhorst, Gneisnau, Dresden, Leipzig, and Nurnberg.

Wikipedia Article on the Battle of Coronel (1914) ...

British ships at the Falklands included, HMS Invincible, Inflexible, Carnarvon, Cornwall, Kent, Bristol, and Glasgow (which, along with Ortanto, were the only British survivors of Coronel) . The armed merchant cruiser HMS Macedonia was also present but did not participate in the battle. The German fleet consisted of the same ships as at Coronel.

Wikipedia Article on the Falklands (1914) ...

Here's my WIP and progress on the ships of the German East Asian Squadron and the British squadrons.

British 4th Cruiser Squadron, Coronel. HMS Good Hope, Monmouth Glasgow, and Ortanto. Of these, only the Glasgow and the Ortanto survived the battle.

The German East Asian Squadron, including  SMS Scharnhorst, Gneisnau, Dresden, Leipzig, and Nurnberg. Also pictured is the surface raider SMS Emden, which had split off from the squadron before Coronel to conduct its famous raid.

Ships of the Battle of Coronel

Ships of the Battle of Coronel

HMS Kent and Cornwall WIP

HMS Carnavon WIP

HMS Invincible and Inflexible WIP

HMS Canopus WIP

The British South Atlantic Station, complete, primed, and ready for painting

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