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It's July, so that can only mean one thing in the Haught house hold.... the Boardgame Geek 2022 Solitaire PNP Contest is live! My son Theo and I are teaming up again this year to co-create a new game, this time based on a pirates theme.

I'll be honest, the theme came from me actually, having just completed a binge of all four seasons of Black Sails. The show reignited my passion for playing pirate games, which I first got into with the old WizKids Pirates of the Spanish Main constructible card game. I loved that game and I've introduced Theo to it as well. So when this contest came around we both walked the plank into the wide world of pirates and buccaneers!

Last year we borrowed a card game engine that I developed for Lonely Cairn and created Highest Adventure. This year Theo wanted to dive into a new space so we charted a course to a new system. The result is a game we're calling A General Game of Pyrates: Buccanners of the Spanish Main. It's a mouthful, but its also a tribute to the famous A General History of Pyrates, a 18th century book that immortalized the exploits of infamous pirates such as Jack Rackham, Charles Vane, Henry Avery and many others.

So with the theme in mind, we set off to create this new game. It's been a fun journey, and a smoother one than last year's Highest Adventure project. Theo and I were able to get int all sorts of things, including Lego building for prototyping pieces, drawing, reading, roleplaying, and even a spot of popsicle stick-art. Even my daughter Rosie got into the spirit of things!

I plan to go into the Lego side of this project a little more in detail, but for now I'd like to share our current prototype and let you have a go with our little creation. If you have any feedback, we'd be super interested in hearing it. We've got this next month to get all of our fixes and bugs sorted in the game and any help would be appreciated!

And so with that, please find our 2022 Solitaire PNP Contest entry below for your consideration. Thank you and happy sailing!

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