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Bomber Boys

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As an avid fan of aviation history, I first noticed this PNP game in July of this year, called Bomber Boys, and made a mental note to play it. It fit all of my criteria of a good game. It leans heavy into theme (always my first test) and it keeps the mechanics light on the surface but engaging during the game (easy to learn/difficult to master).

It's got drama in all the right places as the enemy attacks at all points of the clock. Then, when you arrive over the target, you feel like you're staring down a bombsight, releasing your payload and holding your breath as they land in and around the target.

In short, for the expense of small print-and-play project and 30 minutes or so of gameplay, Bomber Boys really makes you feel like you're right in the thick of the action.

Its also a solitaire game, which is important in this pandemical world we're living in. And unlike many solitaire games, this one is really good because it's not a "solvable" game, meaning that it's replay value is very high.

Each game has a target that you'll need to successfully bomb at the end. One day you'll be on a milk run, bombing an enemy artillery position, the next day you'll be striking the enemy's capital, deep behind the lines. Each mission has it's own difficulty and challenges, so there is a lot of replay potential.

In August, a mutual friend of Bomber Boys designer, Steven Aramini and mine, Martin Gonzalvez, introduced us and suggested a collaboration project. I was all too excited to jump in and help work on the graphic design of the game as I've been wanting to do a WWII aircraft game for many years. Steve has been excellent to work with and together we got to work, with the first batch of components rolling off the virtual press later that month.

Today, we're both pleased to announce that we've completed the full PNP packages, including an 11-page rulebook. We'd love to invite you to download a copy of the game and take to the skies, and then report back so that we can make any necessary adjustments. Until then, good luck as you fly into the wild blue yonder.

Check it out, print it, play it, and let us know how it went!

Files here (available in A4 and US-Letter sizes):

Watch Steven's how-to-play video here:

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