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Building Erebus & Terror

A big part of my inspiration to finally make Lonely Cairn came from my little scratchbuild project to make HMS Erebus and Terror. After building the pair, I wanted to use them in a game. That, plus watching AMC's The Terror, pushed me over the edge.

Above: After gathering some reference materials, including this awesome blog about building a near perfect replica of the Terror, I built the basic model using my normal processes for the hull and the masts.

Above: I used metal sheets salvaged from food containers like cream cheese. These are more durable than regular tinfoil and also have some texturing that helps add some detail. I cut the sails to match the yards before gluing them in.

Above: I rolled the pieces of sail on my knife before fixing them into place.

Above: I fixed them on with some superglue.

Above: Next, I wanted to add some super abstracted rat lines, so I made the bases out of some plasticard and used a pin vice to drill out three holes in each one.

Above: I then fixed the bases to the hull, just aft of the mast they will be supporting.

Above: I then did the same for the crow's nests, opting to abstract out the ratlines to the top masts.

Above: I then painted the model. These are the polar expedition versions of the ships, so they have a reinforced bow with iron sheathing. They also have two smokestacks, one for the galley and one for the locomotive steam engine that drove the propeller.

Above: Finally, I did the rigging. I used a mono-filament thread (or nylon thread) instead of the cotton type as it doesn't fray. The ratlines were simply one long thread that started at the base and then looped up and down several times. I then painted the thread black to bring out the detail.

And that's it, two small game pieces ready to cut their way through the arctic ice (or not as the case may be!)

Find out more about the game Lonely Cairn here...

Alternatively, you can purchase a 3D model of HMS Terror here...

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